Deborah Sawyer
Junkyard Documentation (Hollow Light)Junkyard Documentation (Chevy Grave)Junkyard Documentation (Decomposed)Junkyard Documentation (Disconnected Detail)Junkyard Documentation (Shredded Grill)Junkyard Documentation (Bugland)Junkyard Documentation (Tail Portrait)Junkyard Documentation (Bel Air)Junkyard DocumentationJunkyard DocumentationJunkyard DocumentationJunkyard DocumentationSouthern Illinois DocumentationSouthern Illinois DocumentationShore DocumentationShore Documentation
I have taken hundreds of photographs in junkyards, parks, and at the ocean as documentation for future artwork. I utilize these images as a basis for my artwork, but do not copy the printed picture. I usually work from a black and white version, for I don't want the photograph to give me too much information. When the painting or drawing is in the final stages, I put the photograph away.

I have never exhibited any of my documentary photographs in a gallery setting.