Deborah Sawyer
Tire StoolsTire BoxesTread VaseCar VaseMini CarsMini Car MagnetsSmall Bug PanLarge Bug PanLightswitch PlatesHub BowlWater BowlPly's Mouth Table
Through the art of metal casting, portions of forgotten junkyard relics are transformed and assigned a new function in aluminum, bronze, or iron. Tires become stools, while hubcaps become bowls and tables.

Ever since I played with miniature cars as a child, I have been fascinated by cars and the freedom associated with driving. I continue to play with my collection of car toys in my artwork and give them a new function in my metal objects.

I learned lost wax casting while employed at the Johnson Atelier Institute of Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey from 2000 to 2004. Along with my husband, Carey Netherton, we own and operate Netherwerks, a home metal foundry and blacksmithing studio.

My hope is that these objects that I create will help draw the viewer’s attention to the simple and unique joy that we derive from the now ubiquitous automobile.